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Bracelet specifications

There are two versions of the bracelets: GMW and GMW PRO. The essence of the bracelets is to convey information about the distance traveled to the decentralized servers of GoMineWorld™ and to charge a proportional number of tokens to the account of the owner of the bracelet.


Heart rate

Monitor 24 hour heart rate monitor and detailed heart rate data report help you to improve your health status


Track daily activities, check real time daily exercise, progress,and calorie comsumption

Auto sleep monitor & Alarm

Automatically track user deep sleep, light sleep and awake sleep data, and wake you up during best hour set consumption


The essence of the bracelets is to convey information about the distance traveled to the decentralized servers of GoMineWorld™ and to charge a proportional number of tokens to the account of person

Call Alert

Display caller name or caller ID on OLED screen

Remote camera shoot

Control the camera shooting by lift wrist 90 degree or press the device key

Profit for ICO Participants


50% of the profit from each sold bracelet will be distributed between holders of GMW tokens.


Unique Idea

Contribution to a unique and promising project with a transparent business model.



All participants of ICO will be awarded with bracelets GMW PRO.



Only ICO participants can become representatives of our company in their country.

App GoMineWorld

Bracelet GoMineWorld™ has a built-in Bluetooth module that transmits information about the distance traveled by a person to the smartphone, synchronizing with the application as well as the ability to track the balance of the tokens.

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This project should solve two important and global problems. At first, it is a problem of motivating a person for movement and ending a sedentary lifestyle. the second problem is of using cryptocurrency by ordinary people, we understand that despite the significant successes in the crypto world, the total mass of people do not understand how to use it. To date, cryptocurrencies (except bitcoin) are used as speculative assets. They have not real use in life.

After many discussions, we finally found a solution to these two problems. We decided to create fitness bracelets thanks to which people will be able to monetize their movement. It's really an innovation! Now people will have an incentive for movement that will solve the problem of a sedentary lifestyle and attract all people to active use of cryptocurrency


The main purpose of GoMineWorld™ is that people will be able to earn a cryptocurrency by means of movement, which in the future can be exchanged for real money. This solution will motivate people to move, to active way of life and to use the cryptocurrency. We will start production of unique fitness bracelets. The person who will have such a bracelet will receive tokens, the number of which is proportional to the number of kilometers they have traveled. This will help all to understand the value of the cryptocurrency, the simplicity of its use and the importance of movement for a person.




GoMineWorld™ Debit Card

In our plans for the summer 2018 to issue a personal debit card with the original design of GoMineWorld™. With this card, users will be able to withdraw USD in any ATM world equivalent to GMW tokens at the exchange rate of a particular exchange. More details that are detailed will be known after the production of bracelets.

The Team

A team of ambitious and experienced professionals.

team member

David Zibelman


Cheif operating officer. An entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience. A qualified specialist in financial services. Competent in the creation and development of large-scale business projects.

team member

Moshe Leykah

Venture businessman

Venture businessman with 10 years of experience in technology. More than 3 years of work he devoted to studying block technologies. Has a successful experience in financial analysis.

team member

A. Hoegheg

Lead Developer.

Abraham is engaged in creating a decentralized platform, developing software for wearable devices. Has a lot of development experience.

team member

Monsun Parima

Graphic designer

Monsun is graphic designer with experience in the online industry for more than 5 years.

team member

Mikhail Zhirov

Director of operations.

Mikhail from his students years linked his life with production. An experienced professional in the manufacture of silicone products and various accessories.

team member

Yana Kaz

Specialist in marketing.

Expert in communication, negotiation, branding and external marketing. Marketer with more than 3 years of experience.

team member

Yuko Sasake


Advisor in the field of management. Specialist in the field of data protection and the exchange of personal information. Researcher at the University of Tokyo.

team member

Gerard Debosch


Advisor in the field of mobile applications. An entrepreneur with more than 15 years of experience. Investor. Specializes in the creation, development, promotion and development, promotion and development of applications on the Android OS and iOS.

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